New resorts, more liveaboard operations, new divesites, new regulations... Raja Ampat is changing fast. With thousands of visitors every year, it is only natural that the place is evolving at a brisk pace, specially Sorong, the starting point for most people travelling to the region. Since the publication of “Underwater Paradise: a diving guide to Raja Ampat” in 2012, the area has experienced some improvements. Amongst the most significant are:

New Airport Sorong

Posted: December 2015

The new airport in Sorong is due to completion at the beginning of 2016. With a similar design as many new airports in Indonesia, it’s expected to open its doors on March this year.

Misool Filling Station

Posted: October 2015

The team of Misool Eco Resort opened a new café just opposite the airport. Shop for souvenirs, dive books, reef hooks or divelogs, while enjoying a healthy breakfast and a good coffee. Plans are to arrange check-ins for groups. +62 951 3160388,

New Raja Ampat Conservation and Tourism Information Center

Posted: May 2015

The Raja Ampat office changed location in May 2015, from the previous booth in the lobby of the Je Meridien Hotel to the new space right opposite the airport, in Jl Basuki Rahmat Km 7,5 +62 812 48795207. The money for the tags can be transferred to their bank account previous sending the passenger list to

Raise of price of the Raja Ampat Conservation Fee

Posted: February 2015

Since beginning of 2015 the government of Raja Ampat raised the price of the tag that every visitor willing to access the area must pay, from Rp 500.000 to Rp 1.000.000.

New flights to Sorong

Posted: October 2014

The national carrier Garuda started flights from Makassar (a.k.a. Ujung Pandang) to Sorong in summer 2014, as part of its “explore” program to reach the most remotes corners of the archipelago on board the slender Bombardier planes. The downside: a few months later it removed the free 15 Kg extra baggage allowance for divers., +62 21 23519999. Other airlines serving Sorong are Nam Air ( and Lion Air (

New Hotels in Sorong

Posted: December 2014

Several new hotels have opened their doors this year, thus contributing to the hospitality offer in Sorong :

  • Marina Mamberamo: Jl Yos Sudarso 1, +62 951 328566.
  • The Belagri: Jl Gunung Merapi 8, Kel. Klabala, +62 951 323888,
  • The Swiss Belhotel: Jl Jend. Sudirman, +62 951 321199,