“Underwater Paradise” is the result of 8 years of pioneer diving in one of the more outstanding regions on the planet. The book includes a preliminary section on how to travel there, with useful tips such as “when to come”, “what to bring”, “addresses of interest” and “diving emergencies”.

Dive sites are grouped into North, South and Central areas of the archipelago, all supported with situation maps for clearer orientation. Every dive site is elegantly presented in a double-spread, including 3D maps, spectacular pictures of the area and insightful information on how to safely make the most of every dive.

With carefully researched notes on marine biology specific to the region – such as mantas, pigmy seahorses and saltwater crocodiles - scattered throughout the book, and a chapter on land touring, this is the perfect guide for anyone planning a trip to Raja Ampat.


Size: A5 (148 x 105 cm)
Content: 30 maps, 180 pictures
Number of pages: 112 @ 150 gr. + cover/back cover 350 gr.
Number of divesites: 34 described, from which 24 are mapped.

Price of the book: 15 € (or equivalent in different currencies)
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  • Spain 4 €
  • Rest of Europe 7 €
  • Rest of the world 8 €
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